Electric cars for companies
A responsible companies always looks for improvement and take care of the environmental impact of their activities. That’s why a lot of them consider to incorporate electric cars for companies into their fleets.

Learn in this section:

  • what electric cars are good for companies,
  • what are electric vans and how do they work,
  • why use an electric vans for your business, and
  • what charging points do you need for your electric fleet?

Electric cars offer a lot of advantages over combustion vehicles, such as:

  • traffic restrictions don’t affect them and they car freely drive through the urban center of the cities
  • they have less mechanical problems
  • they are much quieter
  • acquiring electric car gives tax advantages
  • many cities allow electric vehicles to circulate in the bus lane and to park for free
  • expenses are reduced as there is no need for fuel
  • they allow homogeneous drive without sudden changes