Wall-mounted charging point for electric cars

Dark is a semi-fast charging point for electric vehicles with mode 3 charging up to 22kW.

DARK charging point electric vehicle
dark v2c electric vehicle

Type of material: ABS plastic

Degree of mechanical protection: IP54

Degree of protection: IK10

Front cover: Includes a display to select the charging speed and the charging status control through RGV LEF

Anchorage: 4 points to the wall

Embroidering: Internal, with connection terminals

Weight: 3-5 kg

Cable support: Included

Cable length: 5 meters

Maximum relative humidity at 40°C: 50%

Maximum relative humidity at 25°C: 95%

Dimensions: 210x138x320 mm



Dark is a semi-fast electric vehicle charger up to 22 kW. An ideal solution for charging electric vehicles in private garages (home or community) and in companies. It provides the possibility of connecting to the platform V2C Cloud where users can manage equipment online, remotely through the cloud.


Depending on the product model, either a three-phase or a single-phase charge is possible, both framed in mode 3 IEC 61851. The equipment has an AC charger with selectable output socket: Type 1 (SAE J1772) or Type 2 (IEC 62196, Mennekes). The model Socket has a type 2 plug. The equipment includes the hose with a 5-meters long cable. The charging speed can be controlled at any time through the front selection display. It allows the intensity to be modified (from 6 amps to 20/32 amps depending on the model) before and during the recharging process.


The dynamic power control sensor of charge for electric vehicles regulates the charge so it never exceeds the contracted power and overloads that trigger the network protection measures are avoided.

All this means that, for the contracted power we usually find in our homes, for example 4.4 kW, we will always be able to use other household electrical consumptions at the same time without having to worry about a sudden power cut.

The electric vehicle and other high energy-consuming home appliances as washing machines, dishwashers or ovens can still maintain plugged. The EV will charge as long as a minimum of 1,8 kW is available and up to the maximum we set for this charging point model. It will help avoiding headaches and shocks when using another electrical device and it will help conserving the EV’s battery.

Furthermore, the dynamic power control enables the customer to save on their household’s energy consumption and to dispense with the power expansion needed for charging the electric vehicle.

The  inteligent sensor not only allows us greater flexibility, but it also enables us to save on the energy consumption in our homes, companies and workplaces without needing to increase the power contracted in the installation for an effective charge of the vehicle.


New remote control is now available on Dark model.

Remote activation is now incorporated through a new device with the aim to offer advantages in comfort and speed to users, as it can perfectly replace the traditional lock.

It allows you to activate and desactivate the charging point of the electric vehicle.


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