Wall-mounted charging point for electric cars

NEW charging point is a semi-fast electric vehicle charger in mode 3 up to 22 KW.

new model v2c charging electric vehicle
new v2c charging point

New is the ideal solution for recharging electric vehicles in hotels, shopping centers, supermarkets, hypermarkets and fleet parkings. New is a charger made of a polished aluminum alloy, a material of great robustness and high-quality which makes it an ideal charger for outdoor installations.

Depending on the product model, a three-phase or single-phase charge can be made, both framed in mode 3 IEC 61851. The equipment has an AC charger with selectable output socket: Type 1 (SAE j1772) OR type 2 (IEC 62196, Mennekes), with a 5-meter long cable included. The Socket model has a type 2 plug.

  • Semi-fast charge up to 22 kW, depending on the model.
  • High-quality and resistant materials that make it very attractive and useful for outdoor installations.
  • LED backlight that indicates the charging status of the electric vehicle.
  • Choice between socket or cable mode, enabling the customer to choose the most convenient configuration.
  • Possibility of mounting the charging point on a stainless-steel pedestal.


  • V2C Cloud management system to control the charging point online. (Optional)
  • Activation lock of the charging point for avoiding the manipulation of third parties.
  • Additional Schuko connector to the existing connector. (Optional)
  • Customizable front screen to adapt it to your brand. (*More than one charging point acquired is needed.)


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