Wall-mounted charging point for electric cars

Plus is a semi-fast charging point for electric vehicles with mode 3 charging up to 22kW.

plus charging point v2c


plus charging point electric car v2c

Type of material: ABS plastic

Degree of mechanical protection: IP54

Degree of protection: IK10

Front cover: Includes a display to select the charging speed and the charging status control through RGV LEF

Anchorage: 4 points to the wall

Embroidering: Internal, with connection terminals

Weight: 3-5 kg

Cable support: Included

Cable length: 5 meters

Maximum relative humidity at 40°C: 50%

Maximum relative humidity at 25°C: 95%

Dimensions: 210x138x320 mm


Plus is a versatile electric vehicle charger able to adapt to all our needs. Ideal for charging two vehicles at the same time or for having both a hose and a connector for simultaneous use.

A simple solution for companies, private or community garages. It allows both single-phase and three-phase loading. Tustomer can choose the type of output between hoses Type 1 (SAE J1772) and Type 2 (IEC 62196) or socket Type 2.

Made of ABS, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, high strength and rigidity material. Ideal for housing the power electronics of the recharging point due to its high resistance to abrasion.

It allows the recharge speed to be controlled at all times by means of a front selection display that allows the intensity to be modified (from 6 amperes to 20/32A depending on the model) and each socket separately.

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